Physical Resources

Physical Resources Commission:

Through the synergy of its components, Building and Grounds, Garden, Decorating, Arts and Memorials, and Needlepoint Guild, The Physical Resources Commission’s goal is to maintain a building that facilitates the worship, educational and community activities of the parish.

Chair: Brandon Gabbard

The Building and Grounds Committee:

Trinity is blessed to have beautiful historic downtown buildings to serve its many functions. This commission approves bills associated with the upkeep and improvement of the building, hires and manages contractors, recruits and utilizes volunteers (the Building and Grounds Committee) to complete small repair jobs, manages the annual Physical Resources budget, plans for, and carries out, long-term maintenance and generally does what is necessary to maintain the safety and aesthetics of the church building at a high level.

Chair: Brandon Gabbard

The Gardens Committee:

Trinity is fortunate to have four beautiful gardens where children play and adults refresh themselves. We see this as a green gift not only to ourselves but also to the surrounding community. The ECW Garden Mart and Vestry provide for most materials and occasional professional help, but most planting and clean up is accomplished by volunteers. We can always use more helpers, both experts and apprentices.

Chairs: Emery Schmidt and Gay Smith

The Arts and Memorials Committee:

This committee reviews requests, donations and suggestions for memorials and artwork in the church building and is responsible for their preparation, installation and maintenance.

Chairs: Ala Holland and Jim Adams